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How much does a website cost in New Zealand?

Well, we're not entirely sure how much other agencies charge because they're always playing secret Santa, and won't tell you straight up how much it's going to cost.

We'll tell you how much we charge.

Generally speaking to build a website will cost between $500-$3500 New Zealand dollars. Cost depends to a large extent on the complexity of the website you have in mind.

We ask for 50% up-front, and 50% on completion. If you prefer though, we're happy to arrange a finance plan whereby you pay off your website over the course of a few months, or a year even.

If you want a website identical to this one, with different content and images, it will cost you $500.

Your website will look similar to this website we created, which ranks #1 on google rankings in New Zealand, and it will cost you $500. We didn't say it was super sexy. It gets the job done, and gets out. We can of course make it as sexy as you want, as long as you show us the money.

For our no bullshit approach to pricing, contact us immediately to speak to our team of specialists, who spend their days playing ping-pong and drinking expensive lattes. [That's a joke btw].

Colorful Lizard Copyright Squeeze My Lizard

How long does it take?

Generally speaking, it will take between 2-3 weeks. Developing a website isn't just about us banging on a keyboard like a hundred chimpanzees trying to write Shakespeare. It's a two way street, involving a back-and-forth dialog about what you want.

We go through several rounds of revisions until we're both satisfied with the results. We don't put a limit on revisions. Generally, we'll be doing revisions on a weekly basis, sometime more, sometimes less. We also implement daily video meetings, if you want to, and keep in close contact via email and other communication channels. We're pretty upfront from the get-go what your finished web-site will look like, so we're both on the same page.

2 or 3 weeks? For real?

Yes, for real. Of course it takes time! It helps a lot if you know up-front what images, and content you want, what other websites you like the look off, and what you expect to get in return for your $500.

We give ourselves, and you, plenty of time to get the look and feel of your website right. It takes time to acquire the right images, and develop the right content. Not to mention getting the design layout right.

However, we will have a working prototype of your website up and running within a day or two. This way, we get something up quickly which isn't going to be the finished product, but starts the ball rolling.

We want quick easy runs on the board, throughout the whole process.

Will I own my website?

Yes, absolutely, when we've finished building your website we hand over the keys to the castle. We don't play secret Santa and hoard the source code, images, and any other intellectual property rights we've accumulated whilst developing your site.

Can I change the source code of my website?

Absolutely, but once you start tinkering with the guts of the code, we can't be held responsible if something blows up. We store the code to your website on a versioning control system called github, whilst we develop it. Whilst we develop it, you will have private access to the source code to view it, but won't be able to change it. Afterwards, we'll send you the source code, and at that point you can do whatever you want with it.

Do you brand our website with squeeze my lizard?

No we don't. Many website developers leave a calling card in the footer to let others know they've created your website.

Something like : © www.squeezemylizard.com

Some will charge you to remove that branding. We just don't do it.

Instead we brand your website with the name of your business : © www.MyCoolNewWebsite.com

Do you supply images?

Yes we do! However, please bare in mind we're not professional photographers, we're coders. We're pretty good at taking photos and manipulating them to meet your requirements.

We also have subscriptions to various stock internet image providers, so we have access to a multitude of images which may suit your requirements. Tell us your image requirements, and we'll source them, for next to nothing.

Do you create image galleries?

Yes we do! Image galleries are included in the package we offer. You can embed into any page as many different types of galleries as you like. We have a custom gallery block to get you started, and if you require further customization, no problemo. Maybe you want flip-cards? We can do that.

Do you supply content?

Yes we do! We're pretty good at writing a compelling narrative which will keep your customers' attention. We're not professional copywriters but we can spin a yarn.

We'll make sure there is no grammatical errors in your copy, it makes sense to the reader, and drives customers towards choosing your business as a service provider.

That's what it's all about really - there's no point having a website if it doesn't increase your business. You may as well hand fliers out on Courtney Place. Which is also a good idea, anyway.

Do you create drone videos?

Not currently, but we're happy to discuss the option with you. We haven't done it before, but it's something we would like to explore in the fullness of time. If you want to be our first guinea pig, we might have a cunning plan.

Do you create animation?

Our animation skill-set is pretty limited right now. We know our way around Adobe Animate, and if you want something pretty basic, then we'd probably be able to do it. Anything beyond the very basics is not going to happen. But if you insist, we can probably get a professional animator to incorporate the animation into the final product (of course costs will rise!)

If you're talking about transitioning HTML5 elements using CSS and JavaScript intersection observers. Not a problem.

Do you make E-Commerce shops?

Yes we do. Although, currently we do not make them with Wagtail. We use Shopify and WordPress to do that. If you want something which is super customized, then we'd probably send you elsewhere to one of our other trusted web developers. However, we're more than capable of getting you up and running with a simple template in Shopify or WooCommerce.

How much does an E-Commerce Site Cost?

Generally speaking an E-commerce site is going to cost $3000-$5000. Again, this will depend on the complexity involved.

Do you create logos?

Yes we do. However, we're coders not artists. It's not something we normally do in-house, so we usually outsource it to someone far more capable at art than we are. If you're happy with our logos, no problems, let's use 'em. They'll be pretty simple, mind you.

Do you set up Google Analytics?

Yes we do. Setting up Google Analytics is included in the price. If you want us to monitor Google Analytics, and provide you with in-depth analytical reports of how well your website is performing, we charge $20 per month to do it.

We go deep! We'll tell you everything about the visitors to your site, where they live, what pages they view, what the bounce-rate is, what the average time spent on your website is, etc, etc.

Do you set up Google My Business?

Yes we do. It's included as part of the cost. We'll get you started with that, at no extra cost whatsoever. Generally speaking it will take 3-4 weeks to activate it.

Do you set up my Social Media Accounts?

Absolutely, if you prefer us to. We're happy to work out a social-media strategy with you as well, but obviously we'll be charging additional monthly costs to do so. We'll link all the social media sites you want to use into your website.

How many pages do I get?

We'll start you off with the basics. We include a home-page, contact, services, about, and a blog, for every single website we make. If you then want to add in a thousand other pages, you can totally do that in your own time!

Also, it's dead simple to do it!

It might be better to think of our service as what type of content blocks do you want to be able to add to any page you create? Contact us for a demo, as it's probably easier to demonstrate it, than explain it.

Do you create custom WordPress Themes?

No. However, if you want a WordPress website based on a theme you've seen somewhere else, we're happy to do it. Same rules apply regarding pricing.

How much do you charge for a WordPress website?

$500 for 3 pages, including services, about, contact. Additional pages cost $250 approximately, depending on complexity.

Tell us about the name Squeeze my Lizard?

I'm a motorhead fan. When I got into web development in May last year, I was kicking around a few ideas, and couldn't think of a name. I happened to be watching a documentary on Lemmy, from Motorhead, and the name is from a lyric in the song Killed by Death. When I started to get really serious about web development, initially the idea was to create a place for Motorhead fans to hang out. We weren't supposed to be an agency which made websites, but then Covid kicked in, and I needed a proper job. So there's that.

Does the website have to be black and white?

No. There's a historical reason with this current design theme, which I won't bore you with. We're happy to develop templates which are colourful and enticing. If you want a website with the current trend of transitioning elements into a page using animation, we're happy to accommodate you. We're happy to sit down with you and go over websites you like, and help you design the website you want. We'll ask you what websites your competitors use, what you like about them, and what you don't, and come up with something unique which suits your business and personality. We want you to be happy.

But...if you like black...that's totally doable. :)