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Simply the Best

We're a small web development outfit located in the heart of Auckland City. We make custom content management systems for small businesses and sole-traders. Our web-development tool of choice is called Wagtail, which is a frame-work developed in Python. It ships with a ton of features which enable content editors to easily edit their content.

The service we offer is absolutely brilliant. If we weren't web designers ourselves, we'd hire us! :) We don't go the extra yard - we are the extra yard.

We aim to fill a niche in the small website development business, because in the words of Tina Turner, we're simply the best.

Better than all the rest

Wagtail ships with some killer features, including the editor, as seen here. It's a joy to work with. It allows you to build content in a series of chunks, layering items into a rich tapestry of features.

A typical page like this one might consist of several different blocks. For example :

  • Heading Block
  • Paragraph Block
  • Quotes Block
  • Image Block
  • Gallery Block

Straight of the bat you can embed YouTube videos, Music, Documents, and if you want something customised to your requirements, then that's totally doable as well.

Wagtail also has user authentication baked into the product, so you can set up different types of user groups. If you're a newspaper agency for example, Wagtail also includes the ability for content to go through moderation before you publish it. Perhaps, for example, you want a legal team to examine what you publish at some point? No problem.

Wagtail Editor
Wagtail editor copyright Squeeze My Lizard

Wagtail is the best content management system I've ever used. It allows editors to do what they do best, write content, and web developers to do what they do best, display that content. It makes things simple. It creates an intuitive demarcation between what editors do, and what web developers do, and brings them together in natural harmony. In a wagtail CMS the editor doesn't have to figure out how a page displays, and a web designer doesn't have to worry about the content. It's basically perfection.

Derek Seymour - Owner Squeeze My Lizard

Better than Anyone

In a nutshell we make simple websites for small businesses and sole traders to help them get a finger-print on the internet.

The websites we make are perfectly suited for people who have a small budget, but want something special to highlight their business.

They're built on rock-solid technological foundations. For example, we use the same technology which the UK National Health Service uses for their content management system. Therefore, we're pretty sure we can handle what you want!

Anyone I've ever met

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Maori Carving Copyright Squeeze My Lizard