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Wagtail Content Management Systems

Web Design & Development

100% Made in New Zealand

Small Business Websites

Get a finger-print on the internet and increase your growth.

Your competitors are eating your lunch, dude.

Our tech-stack will crush them.

We make simple and effective $500 websites using Wagtail which is a CMS written in Python and Django.

Many of the websites you've probably visited are run with Django, including Instagram, Pinterest, Disqus, Mozilla, and The Washington Post, not to mention the NHS and NASA.

Our websites are pretty basic, but then again, so is our pricing structure.

Our sites include :

  • Fully responsive designs which look great on mobile devices.
  • The ability to create rich, long-form structured content with a simple to use editor
  • Intuitive image cropping.
  • The ability to build and manage custom forms.
  • SEO - Site Engine Optimisation. It's baked into Wagtail's core features to help you get your business get found.

Heaps more - give us a bell, and we'll tell you why you should hire us immediately.

Simple Cheap Web Sites


We will supply you with images.

They can act as place-holders for your own cool images. If you're happy with our attempt , no problem - we shoot we score!

We can source images for you, and take photos. We can manipulate images to suit your requirements. We're not professional photographers, but we know a good photo when we see one.







Maori Sculpture

Maori Sculpture

Get your groove on

Add new content yourself. We'll help you get up and running, but the idea is that you'll be able to update and edit your content yourself. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty simple, and you can start really making your website reflect your business.

Wagtail Editor

Using our editor is dead easy. In fact it's so easy any muppet could use it.

Bunch of amateurs, Dude.

You went to an agency who told you everything you wanted to hear.

They sold you a WordPress website and promised everything would be as sweet as a nut.

Then you found out sometime later all the plugins were out of date, the site had been hacked and some little scroat had written nasty things on your site - IF YOU WERE ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES.

That's what happens when you employ a bunch of amateurs!

Don't let it happen to you!

You don't want your website to land in the trash here. WordPress sounds great, but it can quickly become an insecure mess of spaghetti code unless you keep updating it, and you really don't want to be building your business brand on it.

On the other hand....read on.


Love you Long Time

We're always a phone/email away.

We are happy to give you help and assistance (unlike Wellington bus drivers who can't be bothered to give you change for a $5 note).

We ensure your website is up and running 24/7 and it'll cost you absolutely nada additional spondoolies. We bake it into our $5 US a month maintenance fees.

Everyday we'll be checking the security logs and seeing if some idiot has been trying to crack it.

We don't just provide you with a website, and leave you clueless, we help you ensure its future growth and prosperity. Let's make your website great again as soon as possible. (LMYWSGAASAP).

We'll keep an eye on your website.

If you want us to control your entire on line web presence. No problem, we'll charge more, obviously, but it's still going to be way cheaper than anyone else.

After all, We're not Savages

maori carving