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Web Design & Development

Wagtail Content Management Systems

100% Made in New Zealand

Websites for Small Businesses and Sole Traders.

We make simple yet effective websites using a content management system called Wagtail

  • Fully responsive designs which look great on mobile devices.
  • Create rich, long-form structured content with a simple to use editor
  • Intuitive image cropping.
  • Build and manage custom forms.

Brilliant Editor

Wagtail ships with an absolutely outstanding editor. See the picture below.

Wagtail Editor


Our websites are basic and uncomplicated.

They're simple to maintain, and simple to use. As part of our pricing, we will explain everything you need to do to edit and upload your own content and images. Of course, we'll get you started, but the rest is up to you. We'll train you how to use our systems at no extra cost.


When we design yo

r website, we'll start you off with some basic content which we expect you to change and customise to your own requirements. We're happy to help you with wording, and layout, and get the look and feel right.


We will supply you initially with some images, which probably won't suit your requirements but will act as place-holders for your own images. We can of course source images for you, and take photos and work with the adobe suite of image manipulation software. But, we're not professional photographers, and we are not going to agonize on the kind of images you might want - that's up to you.

It's your website - not ours!

The websites we design are based on the premise that you will update and add new content yourself. We can't possibly know what type of content you want, or what images you prefer. We're happy to provide you with custom templates for you to work within, but it's up to you to supply the content.